Leadership Profiles

Ron Kingsmill

Ron is Pastor of Freshwaters Church leading the Gibberd Garden stream, is Chair of Trustees and heads up the Leadership Team.

Ron is married to Karen and they have both lived in Harlow most of their lives; they have 3 daughters, Charlotte, Francesca and Esther, and three grandsons, Tanner, Dexter and Henrique. As well as leading Freshwaters, Ron also has a role with Rainbow Services focusing on developing further support for those with dementia in the town, is Chair of Freshwaters Contact Centre and is a Trustee for Heart 4 Harlow and Great Open Door.

E-mail Ron: ron@freshwaterscf.org.uk

Julia Spong

Julia has recently joined the Freshwaters Church Leadership Team and is currently enrolled on the Ground Level Leadership Programme.

Julia is married to Dave and has a son and daughter, Jack and Ciara. She has worked mainly in Secretarial and Administrative roles throughout her career and is currently working for a local charity based in Harlow.

E-mail Julia: julia@freshwaterscf.org.uk

Luke Kingsmill

Luke is a leader at Freshwaters Church and passionate about Jesus and his church. Luke leads The Harlow Town Park stream.

He is married to Heidy and a proud father to Rebekah and Daniel. He works in supported housing with young people aged 16 to 25 to help them into independent housing.

E-mail luke luke@freshwaterscf.org.uk