About Us

The cafe in Gibberd Garden where one of the Streams meets.

Freshwaters is a Christian Church that has been meeting in Harlow since 1992.  We are part of the Ground Level Network of Churches, are members of the Evangelical Alliance and work closely with other Churches in the area through Heart 4 Harlow.  We are also a registered charity number 1043787.

Our Sunday meetings are informal adopting a 'cafe style' with lots of opportunities for everyone to take part in discussions, prayer, bible reading and worship.

We meet in two different veneus on a Sunday, in what we call 'Streams'. One Stream meets in The Learning Centre at Pets' Corner and another meets in the cafe at Gibberd Garden (its picture is above). We are developing ways that we can serve the communities in those two areas. Please, visit our Sunday Meetings page for more details on how to find us and when each Stream meets.

Basis of faith

Freshwaters Church seeks to embrace all of those who are truly seeking a relationship with God through faith while upholding core beliefs that align with the Evangelical Alliance basis of faith.

Our Members

We do not have a formal membership, but instead, encourage all who meet regularly with us to feel they belong to our family. Whatever your age, experience or background you are welcome to join us as we seek to encourage one another in our walk with God.

Our Vision

Our Vision is summed up with the three simple words, Flow, Glow and Go.  Below is a brief explanation for each.


Freshwaters has always taken inspiration from the river described in Ezekiel 47 which flows from the throne of God getting progressively deeper, so the prophet in his vision went ankle deep, then knee deep, then waist deep and finally 'it was deep enough to swim in, but too deep to walk through' (Ezek 47:5 NLT).  The river then flowed out into the Dead Sea making the salty waters pure.

We believe at Freshwaters it is vital that as individuals and as a community we maintain the 'flow' of God's love, grace and wisdom as we receive from God, go deeper in our understanding of and relationship with Him and pass on all we have received to others.  If we receive but never give out, we become bloated and too focussed on ourselves.  If we give out but never receive, we dry up and soon find we are giving from our own limited resources rather than God's endless resources.


Matthew 5:14-16 talks about us being 'The Light of the World' (v14) and a lamp which gives light to everyone in the 'house'.  Members of Freshwaters are encouraged to 'glow' with the love, wisdom and grace of God having a positive influence upon our 'house', that is the places where we live our day to day lives (Our homes and neighbourhoods, our workplaces and where we engage in Leisure)


In Matthew 28:18-19 Jesus told His disciples to 'Go and make disciples of all nations' - at Freshwaters we believe that as Jesus disciples today He continues to call us to 'Go and make disciples'.  Where we 'Go' will depend upon where God has called us and the Holy Spirit leads us. 

We believe it is distinct from our 'house' as described above, as God calls us beyond those we interact with day to day to new people, places and situations that will stretch our faith and increase our reliance upon Him. 

This might be people in our own town e.g. through Great Open Door Schools Ministry, or Kintsugi Hope Welbeing Groups.  It could also be to other towns and cities in our nation or anywhere else in the World.  

Our Leadership Team

Ron Kingsmill is the leader of Freshwaters, with Julia Spong and Luke Kingsmill joining him on the Leadership Team.

To see a short profile for each click here