Youth and Children

Freshwaters has a real heart for Children and Young People and we take seriously our responsibility, along with parents, to disciple our children and young people.  Please see below what is available for each age range.

Children Under 5 (Pre-school)

Children under 5 are welcome to stay in our main meeting area with their parents.  Some toys are available close to the serving hatch, but parents may like to bring along their children’s favourite toys to help occupy them.  Please do not worry about noise or your toddlers exploring a little – however please make sure they are safe and do not enter the kitchen area, or the worship team area where there is equipment they could knock over.

Children 5 to 11 (Primary School) - Lighthouse

1st Sunday – Lighthouse, a group exploring Bible themes appropriate for this age group. *
2nd Sunday – ‘Friends and Heroes’ videos are shown *
3rd Sunday – Stay tuned for what might be happening then!
4th Sunday – The Lighthouse children join with the Youth Squad young people to explore together Biblical themes. *

* Takes place in the room on the other side of the divider after the worship time.

Young People 11-16 (Secondary School) - Youth Squad

Update from Luke and Heidy:

Hi all just to mention that I spoke with Jonathon, Sarah and Aiden after church today and we have agreed that it would be great or them to meet up once every two weeks with us rather than once a month for youth ministry.

The 4th Friday of the month would be at the David Livingstone URC as per normal (although this coming Friday 22nd Sept it will be at mine and Heidy's) and 2 weeks after that we would meet at mine and Heidy's and have pizza from 4:30pm. Young people can come straight from school and walk/take the bus to ours and we can give them a lift back home.

I will remind you all so you know.


We seek to support and encourage our Young People in exploring what they beleive and how they can grow as disciples of Jesus.  We do this by listening to the things that are important to the Young People, praying for them and encouraging them to pray for one another.  Teaching them the values of the Kingdom of God from the bible and through a variety of creative ways and playing games which introduce an element of fun while also encouraging them to knit together as a group.

Youth Squad meets on a Sunday morning and on the 4th Friday of each month, further details are below.

1st Sunday – Sitting with the Youth Squad leaders the young people will learn how to engage with all aspects of the meeting with the adults.
2nd Sunday – Youth Squad #
3rd Sunday – Stay tuned for what might be happening then!
4th Sunday – Joint Youth Squad & Lighthouse when young people will join with the Lighthouse children to explore together biblical themes *

* Takes place in the room on the other side of the divider after the worship time.
# Takes place in the lobby area after the worship time.

4th Friday of the month, Youth Squad meets between 7pm and 9pm to have a more focused time together including teaching, prayer, games and refreshments. Keep an eye on our calendar to confirm the venue.

For various circumstances we have come to the end of running Messy Church

but you are most welcome to click here to find out about many other Messy Churches taking place across Harlow.