Freshwaters Film Club


This provides an opportunity to meet together, order a takeaway and watch a great movie – then to talk about it!  For copyright reasons we are not able to advertise which film we are viewing, but if you are interested in coming then email us at and we will let you know.

We meet once a month on a Saturday night, 6pm at David Livingstone URC in Maddox Road.  Dates can be found in our Calendar.

Useful extra information

  • We will not show 18 rated films.

  • Please let us know if you are coming beforehand & let us know if you have to drop out.

  • Children may only attend films with an appropriate age classification (If there is a demand we may consider running family films at a more appropriate time).

  • We do not make a charge – however we recommend a donation of around £6 to cover the costs of film & hall hire and food.  If you can’t afford £6 then please put in what you can – we just want you to come!

  • You can vote for a film to watch and a takeaway to order, and you can rate and comment on a film we have watched by emailing or through our facebook page.

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