What is it?

The internationally-acclaimed Alpha course is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life. It's a chance to explore what Christians believe in a relaxed, informal, friendly and non-threatening way.

How long does it run for?

About 11 weeks - but feel free to pop along for just the first one or two to try it out if you wish. We won't hassle you if you decide it's not your thing. There is also the option of going on a day or weekend to find out about the Holy Spirit.

What happens?

In the evening course, things kick off at 7pm with a cooked meal, where the conversation revolves around many things, but not Christianity! Between 7:45pm and 8:30pm we watch a DVD - a different one each week, on topics such as "Who is Jesus?", "Why and how do I pray?" and "Does God heal today?" We then break for coffee, and discuss what was said in the DVD. No question is too stupid to ask - and it's OK to disagree with what was said! The evening finishes at 9:45pm prompt, but feel free to linger over a coffee!

How much does it cost?

There is no set charge, although you may wish to make a contribution towards the food. There may be a charge for the Holy Spirit event, but please ask if this might be a problem for you.

Sounds great - how can I find out more?
Contact us on 01279 888110 or e-mail
Click here to go to the official Alpha site.

The Next Course

Freshwaters will run its next Alpha course as soon as we have sufficient people signed up. If you have a preference for a particular night/s of the week, then please specify in the form.  The venue will be in or close to the Netteswell ward.

To register for our next Alpha course, please click here.