Youth Squad
22nd September 2017
19:00- 21:00
A meeting for Young People aged 11-16

Venue - meeting at Luke & Heidy’s


Hi all just to mention that I spoke with Jonathon, Sarah and Aiden after church today and we have agreed that it would be great for them to meet up once every two weeks with us rather than once a month for youth ministry.

The 4th Friday of the month would be at the David Livingstone URC as per normal (although this coming Friday 22nd Sept it will be at my and Heidy's:

109 rectory wood Harlow)

and 2 weeks after that we would meet at mine and Heidy's and have pizza from 4:30pm.

Young people can come straight from school and walk/take the bus to ours and we can give them a lift back home.

I will remind you all so you know.




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